This tiny home has an all-black exterior and gorgeous interior. Take a look inside!

This sophisticated recreational vehicle by Land Ark RV is a dream come true for fans of both the television show Mad Men and tiny houses. The company designed a mid-century modern RV called “Draper,” named after the hit show’s main character, Don Draper, played by actor Jon Hamm!

The attitude and style of the charming and creative Draper are consistent with the overall look of Land Ark’s trailer. Featuring clean lines and utter simplicity both in the interior and exterior, the RV most certainly screams ‘Mad Men’ no matter where you look.

The tiny home, with its angled roof, large windows, and nearly all-black exterior, intimidates the beholder with its fierce look and extremely masculine vibe. On the other end of the RV is a black door, and adjacent to that is a brown panel that can be folded down to function as an elevated outdoor patio.

It will be the ideal area to enjoy the outdoors and breathe in the fresh air once you’ve discovered the appropriate parking spot. The interior is the polar opposite of the outside, which is completely dark. White-wash pine walls, ceiling, and floor are accentuated with light tints to harmonize. The light and airy color scheme give the tiny house a feeling of spaciousness.

Upon entering the 300-square foot RV, you are greeted by a mudroom that has a wardrobe, a separate washer dryer utility closet, and a nook with a bench and cubbies perfect for storing shoes and outerwear.

A gallery with recessed lighting and clerestory windows connects the mudroom to the rest of the space. A custom design oak ladder is installed to gain access to the sleeping loft enclosed with huge windows.

The main living room is below it, with a huge galley kitchen and a U-sofa that converts into a queen bed for the odd visitor. The bathroom is little, but it is really stunning. A vanity, a wall-hung toilet, and a full-size walk-in shower with recessed lighting and a window are all included.

The Draper, which is inspired by Mad Men, costs $154,900. For more information about this magnificent small home, go to the Land Ark RV website. Take a visual tour inside the Draper using the gallery below.

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