You’ve Been Sitting On The Toilet Wrong Your Whole Life – This Is How To Do It Right.

The modern day toilet is very convenient and comfortable, but it has a major fault hidden! Not many would like to talk about this topic. There seems to be some kind of taboo around it. But, I would like to break the silence. Because your health matters. Because you matter. Doctors, naturopaths, and holistic health professionals have pointed out the health hazards of using a modern-day toilet for years now!

The toilet may be comfortable to sit on, but mankind was never meant to eliminate waste by sitting down. Studies have now revealed that the natural squat position improves our ability to eliminate waste better. In fact, the Stanford University’s Pelvic Floor Clinic says that the squatting is the best way to eliminate waste. Better elimination of waste means a decrease in many modern day ailments like bloating, hemorrhoids and constipation!

It all started in the 16th century, when Sir John Harington first installed an early working prototype of modern toilet in the palace of Queen Elizabeth I. And today, most of us have a modern toilet at home. The modern toilet, though convenient and hygienic, has one major fault – ‘It requires us to sit’.

Humans, on the other hand, were not designed to reduce waste by sitting. The muscles are only partially relaxed in the sitting position. This makes it harder to eliminate waste, generates undue strain, and leaves you feeling unsatisfied. Furthermore, it causes a variety of health concerns such as constipation, hemorrhoids, and a variety of other irritable bowel symptoms.

According to new research, we should all be squatting. The fact that such a posture occurs naturally even in babies in their mother’s womb demonstrates the point. That’s how nature intended us to be! When you squat, your muscles relax completely, making it simple to expel waste from your body. It’s quicker, and you’ll feel more complete as a result. Squatting has been the most natural posture for finishing one’s daily “business” since the first human descended on the Earth.

You no longer need to dismantle your bathroom because you already have a modern toilet. A number of devices have been developed to assist you in achieving proper toilet posture. A footstool is one such simple device. This basic footstool is more practical and useful than a natural squat stance.

It’s not difficult to obtain a footstool for oneself. You may buy one in your local grocery or order one online. It’s inexpensive and shouldn’t set you back more than a few dollars.

In case you are looking for a branded one, squatty potty is said to be more ergonomic and reliable. You can even slide it under your toilet when not in use. A proper toilet posture is pretty important in leading a healthy life. When it’s possible to make this healthy change by adding a cheap footstool to your existing toilet, you have no reasons for not doing it!

Try it once. You will surely get to know what I have been trying to tell you all this while! Let us know your views from the comments below. Did you feel better?

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