Here is the reason why The dog was awarded a master’s degree together with his mistress

The Hawley girl could not move without the help of a wheelchair. But her determination and intelligence allowed her to become a graduate of one of the most prestigious universities in the United States, which she also graduated with honors. Over the years of her studies, she was supported by a loyal friend and irreplaceable assistant, a dog named Griffin!

He helps his mistress in everything and not only in everyday matters, but also is a moral support. In addition, there is an absolute mutual understanding between Griffin and Hawley and some kind of special connection from the very first meeting.They do everything together, so the graduation ceremony could not do without a faithful dog and companion.

In addition, he and his mistress both earned master’s degrees. The university’s administration made this decision since the dog and his mistress frequently conquered all barriers together. Hawley herself expressed gratitude to her four-legged companion for always being there for her and enduring the most difficult situations with her when she occasionally felt hopeless.

He opened the doors in front of her, offered her an umbrella and coat, and did a variety of other activities that the girl was unable to execute due to her condition. This story is yet another vivid affirmation of the true valor and loyalty of dogs who will never abandon their masters in the face of adversity.

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