9 Out Of 10 People Could Not Find The Red Apples Among The Bird Boxes! There are 3

It is another great time to put your visual and observation skills to the test with a fun picture puzzle that you can share with your friends and family! Are you ready for this mind-boggling challenge that has been leaving many viewers baffled?

Not many challengers can spot the three red apples among the bird boxes but what about you? Let’s begin! Take a look at the image below and see if you can spot the mouthwatering fruits!

The picture puzzle, created by cartoonist Gergely Dudas, shows bird boxes and adorable little birds. It may make you want to head out and listen to birds chirping but before doing so, try to beat this challenge first!

The task is to find the three red apples. Have you spotted all of them yet? If you have already found the apples, congratulations! You are one of the very few people who managed to spot them right away.

But if you’re still searching, don’t fret as you can scroll down to view the answer. Just make sure that you have done your best first! You can also try doubling the fun by asking your family or friends for help.

Giving up? See the answer below…

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