She get married in her 88-year-old grandmother’s wedding dress. How was the reaction of Her grandmother

Not everything expensive is measured by financial value. There are things dear to the heart that no amount of money can buy. The same thing happened with a girl named Ellie from the United States.

She kept her grandmother’s wedding gown for a long time, but she didn’t give it much thought because it was so unique. What was the grandmother’s surprise, though, when she learned that her adored granddaughter wished to marry in the same gown in which she had walked down the aisle many years before?

The gown has been in a trunk for six decades, and now is its time to shine. The bride looked stunning in her gown, and the guests couldn’t stop complimenting her. The only thing she did with the dress was to send it to the dry cleaners, and otherwise, the outfit fits perfectly.

Ellie shared on her social network page that she and her grandmother had always been very friendly and accidentally discovered this dress a couple of years ago among the junk,

she made a firm decision that she would go down the aisle in it. The girl’s grandmother shed tears when she saw her charming granddaughter in an outfit that was so dear to her.

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