Can you find 5 differences in these pictures?

Spotting the difference can be a frustrating exercise at the best of times, but this game is extra tough. The series of seemingly identical photos all contain a few subtle differences, and some are almost impossible to spot. Can you find 5 differences in these pictures?

So Find the differences in this picture! Some people are so observant that they can easily tell the difference between an owl and a barn owl. And then, there’s the group of people that are so clueless that they couldn’t even distinguish a zebra among cows or a wild boar among pigs.

But maybe, just maybe, it all comes down to exercising our deduction skills. IQ, short for intelligence quotient, is a measure of a person’s reasoning ability. Many colleges and universities also use exams similar to IQ tests to select students.

Think that you’re observant enough to spot the subtle differences between pictures? Get your eyes ready because this is tricky. In this spot the different pictures will have you in for a treat.

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