Can you Spot The Mistake In This Vintage Graphic?

Well-hidden errors and unsuspecting mistakes are all around us at all times. While most people go about their lives without paying too much attention to their surroundings, some eagle-eyed individuals manage to spot a mistake from afar. Are you one of them?

Errors always surround us, whether it’s a crack in a house wall, a construction flaw, or a natural quirk, and it’s up to you to train your eyes and brain to recognize them!

You’ll have one minute to find a mistake in the old graphic above in today’s challenge. Because most people won’t notice the mistake, we recommend that you look extremely closely and pay attention to the tiniest details. Do you have any suggestions yet?

We can assure you that neither the books nor the framed painting on the wall is defective. So, where did the error occur? If you wish to solve the mystery, you should examine the tulips more closely. Is this what these flowers are supposed to look like?

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