Can you spot 3 mistakes?

Observational abilities are extremely valuable in life since they enable us to read a room, a person, a setting, and a scenario. Doing small puzzles like these can truly test our observational skills and help us learn more about the areas where we need to pay more attention!

So, if you’re feeling very confident today, check if you can see the three things in this snapshot that aren’t quite right. However, be warned: this puzzle is incredibly challenging! To find the three solutions we need to complete this puzzle, you’ll need some advanced observational skills.

Mistake Number 1. It can’t be sunset at 12 o’clock! The clock next to the window says that it has just past 12 o’clock. Whether that’s midday or midnight, it doesn’t match the sunset scene that is outside the window.

Mistake Number 2. The woman in the portrait is missing a shoe! In such an elegant photo, it’s unlikely that the artist would not include this woman’s shoe so that is one more mistake.

Mistake Number 3. The boy with the guitar has different sleeves on his jacket! We can see that his left arm is covered with a long sleeve, and his right arm only has a short sleeve. That makes mistake number 3.

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