Floating pods will let you live in luxury wherever there’s water. Take a look inside!

If you’ve ever dreamed of living at sea and have the six-figure budget to make it a reality, you must see this eco-friendly floating apartment dubbed the “Anthénea.” The fully autonomous luxury condo is designed by French naval architect Jean-Michel Duacancelle and inspired by villain Karl Stomberg’s pad from the 1977 James Bond flick “The Spy Who Loved Me.”

“The strange floating saucer in which the famous British spy was sailing in the 10th movie of the James Bond franchise started my obsession,” the designer, who watched the film when he was 15 years old, told Robb Report!

It took over five prototypes and around 15 years to complete the 540-square-foot Anthénea, which is furnished with solar panels and powered by 100% clean energy. Since the UFO-like structure produces its own energy, it is entirely self-sufficient and off the grid.

Aside from solar panels, it’s equipped with six powerful batteries that can recharge from the pontoon. A sensor keeps the inhabitant informed about the energy level, and when it’s low, the generating set will take over.

Everything inside the Anthénea is made from sustainable materials, and the structure itself is 100% recyclable, which means it won’t become waste even at the end of its lifecycle. This feature earned the floating condo the 2019 Innovation Trophy from French tourism magazine L’Echo Touristique.

The domed vessel fuses seamlessly with its marine environment with an innovative anchoring system and sand screw that doesn’t damage the ocean floor.The Anthénea is also equipped with a saltwater filtration system and a US Coast Guard-approved waste treatment system. This feature allows it to only produce what it consumes and release clean water back into the ocean.

“I am passionate about the idea that tomorrow’s habitat will absolutely have to be eco-friendly and be put at the heart of our natural environment,” Duacancelle said. Its makers claim that the Anthénea’s construction is more stable than a boat.

It can also withstand a cyclone (depending on where it’s docked), and the insulation allows it to handle temperatures ranging from -22° to 104° Fahrenheit. “It’s a new way to live, a new concept of a habitat that is ecological,” said Duacancelle. “There is no gasoline, no electricity, no water.

The Anthenea has its own energy. It’s luxury and comfort, while still being eco-friendly.” Inside, the futuristic pod features an expansive fiberglass bottom that offers breathtaking views of the sea below. French fashion mogul Pierre Cardin, who invested in the company, helped design its upscale interior.

The Anthénea offers space for either two adults or a family of four and consists of three living areas. It has a floating living room with a plush sofa, a minibar, an underwater window, and curved furniture covered with waxed concrete.

A circular bed and a marine or freshwater bathtub can be found in the bedroom. The relaxation space above has a rooftop solarium with a 360° view for 12 persons. During the day, an adjustable sun shade makes sunbathing on the rooftop more comfortable.

A wood-burning stove and a desalination system are available as options. The floating pod can be moored like any other vessel, allowing owners to transfer it as needed. It also has electric propulsion pods and can be piloted with a joystick by anyone, regardless of navigational expertise or education.

“By combining underwater vision with terrestrial exploration, Anthénea allows the visitor to discover unknown areas and enjoy undiscovered experiences while unraveling the thread of the intimate: the bond with nature and with oneself,” the business explains. Individuals and hoteliers can purchase Anthénea for $535,000 each. For more information about this wonderful luxury pod, go to the website.

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