The smallest woman in the world who became a mother. How her children look now?

Lyudmila Somar is the third smallest woman in the world who became a mother. And the first one who, in her petite stature, became a mom twice. Many people call her Thumbelina, and on the street, they can confuse her with a schoolgirl, and her husband, who walks next to his older brother or father. At the age of 30, the woman has a height of only 132 centimeters,

but this in no way prevented her from becoming a happy wife and mother. She was born prematurely with a weight of only 840 grams. The fact that the baby survived, the doctors called it a real miracle. After all, with such a weight, there is very little chance of this. But during her three months in the hospital, the girl gained almost two kilograms and they were safely released home.

Up to the age of five, everything was fine with the girl, she was no different from other children. But already at school, the parents noticed that their daughter was almost not growing. After hospital visits and examinations, it turned out that the girl has a rare disease that cannot be treated, it is associated with a lack of growth hormone. Despite everything, the girl grew up a very cheerful, positive, and sociable girl.

She went to college after high school. She didn’t imagine she’d be a wife and mother someday while she was a student, watching her pals go on dates. She immediately fell into the soul of her soon-to-be husband because she was so little and frail. They only met once at a bus stop, but he couldn’t forget her after that brief encounter.

He proposed to the girl three weeks after they first met. Their wedding was afterwards well publicized throughout the region. This couple has already been found far outside the country’s borders a year after their wedding. Despite physicians’ cautions and limitations, a little lady gave birth to a perfectly healthy child weighing 2850 grams.

If you think about it, then this is the third part of the weight of the woman in labor herself. Later, the woman and her husband wanted to have the second child. But the doctors strictly forbade it – it’s better not to tempt fate anymore. But two years later, God sent another baby to the family. The boy was born with a weight of 2950 grams and was also absolutely healthy. This story breaks all scientific theories and stereotypes!

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