Can You Guess Which One Is A Mother?

One Of These Women Is A Mother! Can You Correctly Guess Which One?In the mind-boggling graphic shown below, there are three different women. However, there is one woman amongst the three that is a mother.

Trust us when we say, you’re an absolute genius if you manage to solve this in less than 10 seconds like others with higher IQs. Good luck and happy viewing. Sometimes we look at an image and something immediately catches our attention because it is not where it should be.

Other times we feel that something is wrong, but we don’t understand exactly what it is and so we have to look more closely. Then we notice details that we haven’t seen before and find more and more inconsistencies. Okay, that doesn’t usually happen in everyday life, but it does happen in our selection of images with strange errors that are difficult to detect.

ANSWER: The right answer is the woman in the middle or number 2. In case you’re wondering why, well, she has a pacifier sticking out from her bag.

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