How this 11-Year-Old Girl Built A Tiny House For Just $800? Take a look inside!

Owning your own home is a dream that many have – it is often considered one of the key milestones in one’s life. However, just like any other part of life, there are the overachievers. Lauren Nelson, just 11 years old, made the dream come true by renovating an RV for over 2 months. With just $800, this diligent and talented young girl from Upstate New York managed to completely renovate an old RV into her little place.

Nelson and her family agree that she was inspired after reading the American Girl magazine. Aimee, Lauren’s mother, said that her daughter came up to her parents to show them a small toy that was being sold for an outlandish $650. Her father passingly remarked that one could easily build a camper for that price – which is exactly what Lauren decided to try.

Now with a very clear purpose, Lauren started saving up some money while keeping an eye out for any opportunities to purchase an RV. With the same excitement her friends show for the newest gadget, Lauren was ecstatic when she found out that her neighbor put up their RV for sale. Lauren said that the price negotiation was not too difficult. While the neighbor initially asked for $500, he soon complied when Lauren described to him that she has managed to save up $400 through garage sales and so forth.

The dilapidated RV was, predictably, in a poor state of repair. Not only was it filthy, but a family of mice had already taken up residence in the RV before Lauren bought it. Lauren was not disheartened, despite the RV’s original state; on contrary, her parents said that she looked more inspired. Lauren created a cute, functional space for herself with the support of her family and friends, as well as ideas from “Tiny House Hunters.”

The new house isn’t merely a decoration or a toy. It has all of the fundamental features of a home, such as a bedroom, bathroom, and fully functional kitchen. The newly restored RV was dubbed “Camp Hygge” by the young designer, who was inspired by the Scandinavian concept of rest. Share your opinions on Lauren’s summertime project in the comments section, and be sure to like us on Facebook for more updates like this.

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