This couple has chosen The original way of the celebration their Fifty years together!

Today we will prove to you that this happens not only in a fairy tale but also in real life. Carolyn and Kell Gay from the USA have been together for 50 years and they decided to celebrate their anniversary in a very cute and touching way!

The pair dressed up in their wedding gowns, which they had kept all this time, and faithfully recreated the images shot on their wedding day 50 years ago. Carolyn, like any real woman, was overjoyed that she could fit into a wedding gown after so many years.

The couple went to the same chapel where their wedding took place to replicate the wedding images. They even replicated the positions and perspectives of the vintage photographs, thanks to the help of a professional photographer.

But most of all, users were touched by the fact that 50 years later, Carolyn and Kell look at each other with the same loving eyes with admiration and awe, as on their wedding day. Let’s wish everyone build their families on great love.

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