A Husband Lends His Wife To Brother-in-law For Money. The Ending of this story will just amaze you!

A woman said her husband is a “one-minute man” and she’s happier with the “better lover” he “loaned” her out to in exchange for booze, food, and school fees Anthony Kabanda, who fell on hard times reportedly offered his wife Tafadzwa Matura to his brother-in-law “for comfort” in exchange for food, booze, and school fees!

But now Anthony Kabanda’s seems to wife has decided she prefers the new man “because he’s a better lover”.Kabanda has taken the matter to his village chief in Zimunya, Manicaland Province in eastern Zimbabwe. Daniel Masikati had married Tafadzwa Matura’s sister but sadly she left her life a few years later leaving him “lonely”.

Meanwhile, Kabanda started experiencing money troubles and became increasingly desperate. To get money, Kabanda is alleged to have called Masikati and then offered to give him his wife. Accordingly, Masikati would have fo“physical comfort” between the hours of 10 pm and 4 am if he agreed to pay for their children’s school fees, and groceries.

However, the arrangement backfired when Mr Kabanda’s wife left him for Mr Masikati permanently. Instead of spending the remainder of her days with her husband, Tafadzwa told Karaganda TV that she was fine with the arrangement because Mr Masikati was a better provider and lover.

She described her husband as a “one-minute man” to the station. Kabanda, who now disputes making the deal, is said to have sought a cow in addition to the financial assistance Mr Masikati has continued to supply him, prompting him to be cut off.

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