Can you spot The Mistake In This Image?

If you enjoy traveling, you’re undoubtedly looking forward to seeing Venice and strolling around the picturesque city as the sunsets. Unfortunately, we are unable to organize a trip to Venice for you. Instead, we’ll put your vision to the test with a smart photo puzzle that’s been doing the rounds on the internet!

Have you found the error yet? You won’t even need to zoom in to discover the riddle because the error is fairly massive and evident! Is there something wrong with that gondola or with the man who drives it? Maybe the problem is with the poles to the left or the buildings in the background.

This is your last chance to solve the riddle. When you’re ready to call it quits, scroll down to see the solution! A couple riding a gondola and admiring the beauty of the great metropolis is depicted in the image below. However, there is a significant inaccuracy somewhere in the photo. Locate it! Before you call it quits, here’s one last piece of advice that might just help you pass the exam!

That gondola has a weird vibe to it. Check out some real-life images of the yacht to see how it should appear! Alternatively, you can look at the answer provided below! The gondola is the source of the error. It has a big sail, despite the fact that these vessels never have sails.

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