This woman was left alone with 13 offspring. How does she live now, four years later?

At first glance, this family always looked happy and prosperous. They lived together for about 16 years. There were thirteen offspring in their family, and only two of them were adopted. They had their own house, comfort, and everyday life. Daria could not work, because she had to deal with little ones and household things.

Furthermore, the family had a household because feeding thirteen children is not easy. They were constantly fed and dressed. But everything changed for the family one day. The family’s father stated that he desired a divorce. Daria had not anticipated such betrayal. But it was the husband who made the final decision. He was fed up with having such a large family.

Daria began to mistrust her ability, concerned that she would be unable to provide for the children. In this situation, they can just remove them from her. She, however, did not give up. She used to knit at night and sell her creations. She then decided to teach others how to do this craft.

There were a lot of folks who wanted to learn how to knit. And now, after more than four years, the woman is amazed at how she was able to overcome all of the barriers that stood in her way. She already has a little business selling knitted items. And she never stops assisting anyone who wishes to learn this craft.

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