Can You Spot all 7 people in This Picture? Paintings Don’t Count!

It’s time to put your vision to the test and see whether you have what it takes to solve the riddles below. In the first image, you can see several individuals enjoying art at a nearby museum. It is your task to count all of the persons in the photograph. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Consider again!

So far, how many persons have you counted? Remember that paintings and statues do not count because, while they may depict humans, they are not real people! With that in mind, count again and tell us your final answer.

There are seven people in the image, but only a small percentage of observers can identify the seventh. He or she is hiding somewhere, but can you figure out where? Take a closer look at those artworks to discover the seventh individually. One of them is not as it seems!

If you answered SIX, you are incorrect! Person #7 had spent the entire time lurking behind the picture to the right. The area of the artwork with the eyes is taken off, and there’s a person standing just behind it, making her appear to be a part of the painting!

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