She has the birthmark on her face! Here is how she looks now after the last operation

The mother of a girl from the United States with a birthmark on her face stated that her daughter received the most recent surgery. Remember Luna, the American child who had a melanocytic nevus – a big birthmark on her face? It does not cause pain, but it has the potential to develop into cancer if certain conditions are met.

The smear covered virtually the entire girl’s face. Following an evaluation, doctors in Boston concluded that his treatment would necessitate more than 100 sessions of laser therapy and at least four years of treatment.

Pavel Popov, a surgeon in Krasnodar, decided to assist in the removal of the girl’s birthmark. Carol Fenner and her daughter Luna flew for the first time to Krasnodar in September 2019. They will return to Kuban in September 2020. The birthmark on Luna’s left cheek was then removed.

Carol Fenner declared on June 7, 2021, that she and her daughter were returning to the United States owing to visa issues. On October 1, it was revealed that the girl and her mother would be returning to Kuban. On October 9, Carol Fenner posted on Instagram that Luna underwent her final surgery.

The mom stated that the daughter is healthy, active, pain-free, and has a decent appetite. Luna is now wearing a bandage on her face, which makes it difficult for her to see. This was the last procedure, according to Mom.

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