She was The ugliest woman in the world but the best mom ever.

Surely you have at least once heard the name of Mary Ann Webster, who became the ugliest woman in history. But her appearance is the result of an illness that has radically changed her fate. Although she was considered a laughing stock for most of her life, but in fact she is a very strong and courageous woman.

Mary Ann is from London (born in 1874), she grew up in a poor but large family. From the earliest years, she already worked as a nurse. At the age of 29, the girl met Thomas Bevan and soon the wedding took place. The couple had four children. But at the age of 32, the woman began to have health problems.

Her joints began to hurt, she suffered from headaches, and getting out of bed became difficult at times. Doctors didn’t know what was wrong with her at the time, and she couldn’t lie down because she had to work. Her facial features became deformed and extended with time, while her limbs grew larger and roughened.

Mary Ann, who was once a lovely and pleasant young lady, has lost her femininity. Mary’s spouse was incredibly supportive and loved her at that terrible period. But fate had another cruel test in store for her: Thomas had died, and the widow was left to raise four children on her own. And she already looked horrible at that point, passers-by were staring at her, and every exit from the street for Ann was a true test.

Any employment, as long as it paid well, was fine with her. She happened to see an advertisement for a contest for the ugliest woman, the reward for which was a substantial sum. Mary Ann decided to enter the tournament for the sake of the children and become a laughingstock to everyone around her.

She triumphed, and life became much more difficult. She was invited to perform in the Dreamland Circus on Coney Island in 1920. She consented to go overseas in order for her children to have access to food. She performed in front of people who were anxious to see the ugliest woman in the circus.

She was clothed in women’s clothing to emphasize her flaws, as she was a true circus star at the time. Unfortunately, people can not live with acromegaly for very long, and Mary passed away at the age of 59. Although she was merely a mother who tried everything she could to ensure that her children did not go hungry, Mary Ann Webster became known as the ugliest woman in history.

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