How this Two-year-old girl saved her mom using her phone?

28-year-old Samantha Mazen, a mother of two offspring, suddenly felt ill and lost consciousness. Her two-year-old daughter, Sofia, was sitting next to her in the kitchen. But the baby did not lose her head and did something that not even every adult could do in a stressful situation.

She immediately grabbed her mother’s smartphone, there was a lock on it, and the girl brought the gadget to her mother’s hand and unlocked it with her fingerprint!

Sofia used a video link to contact her grandmother and tell her what had happened to her mother. The grandmother wanted to show her mother, and after seeing and assessing the situation, she promptly called the emergency agency, despite the fact that she lives 250 kilometers away.

Sofia and her 4-year-old brother (who was crying all the while because of what had happened) brought a blanket and a pillow and sat next to her mother the entire time the ambulance was traveling.

The woman was quickly rushed to the hospital, where it was discovered that she was dehydrated owing to a severe bowel infection. She is now totally recovered and at home. The girl and son now never leave their mother’s side.

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