These happy babies will make your day! Watch the funniest video ever!

Baby laughter is one of the most infectious sounds in the world. Try not to laugh as you watch these adorable babies crack themselves up when they play in the water. Water is a wonderful toy for those first discovering it as these babies find out. Some babies mess around with the hose and spray themselves in the face, much to their delight.

Other newborns, with the assistance of their parents, attempt to swim. Some flop, while others perform the cutest little doggie paddle. Each of them will make you smile. Some babies go utterly insane while sitting in a pool of water and watching the antics of their loving puppy buddies. Some babies are unsure about the whole water issue.

Bigger brothers and sisters always make things more amusing. Watch how these babies adore their brothers and burst out laughing at their hilarious antics. These babies are fantastic! These water bugs like playing in damp places, from a baby’s first bath through an introduction to the swimming pool. Their baby giggle is so contagious that you’ll be in tears long before the compilation ends.

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