This wonderful Married Couple Saved This Receipt of love For 68 Years, The Love Story It Tells Is Stunning

It was 1947 when Charles asked for Frances’ hand in marriage. Just months later, the two were wed and prepared to spend their very first night together. They chose a romantic little hotel named the Poinsett Hotel in Greenville, South Carolina.

Neither of them was able to take a photo that day, but they did have one thing to remember they’re wonderful time together… a copy of the invoice! Charles paid just $8 for a one-night stay in 1947.

For their 68th wedding anniversary, they were given a free night at the Poinsett Hotel, which is now owned by Westin, the company that owns the Poinsett. Here’s the takeaway: The most important moments in your life should be preserved in any way possible, whether it’s a photograph or a small memento!

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