Realtives was expecting to see a baby when visiting the parents. But what they saw amazed them

This couple is a real surprise! Unlike many parents they decided to make a real extraordinary event from the pregnancy and the birth of the child…or…er… children. In anticipation of the birth of a child, most parents rush to inform their loved ones about the sex of their baby.But this is not about our couple.

Rather than revealing that they were expecting twins, the couple decided to keep the news from their family and friends a secret. Instead of telling family members, they refused to reveal the gender of their unborn children until after they were born. During pregnancy, their only concern was the well-being of their children.

They heeded the doctor’s advice and went to the gynecologist on a regular basis. At the time, there were no other young parents who were interested. We had video cameras installed in our house before the twins were born, and they invited their family to come visit.

They had no idea what to expect from their relatives, who reacted violently and emotionally. We want to make sure that everyone knows about these incredible experiences. After all, it is contagious to feel happy and upbeat.

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