The story of this father and doughter

We’ve told you about a few people who have an unusual appearance. Today, we’d like to show you a father and daughter who have amazing hairstyles that have made them famous all over the world. Benny Harlem is not only one of Instagram’s most authoritative personalities, but also the well-known “bearer” of a record hairstyle.

The model and artist from California rose to prominence four years ago after photos of his striking aeroponically adorned body went viral on the Internet. His daughter Jaxin, who inherited her equally amazing curls from her father, was also featured in the majority of the shots.

This only increased the images’ popularity. Harlem has always been a strong supporter of natural hairstyles. He was able to instill this love in his daughter from a young age.In numerous interviews, Benny admits that in order for their fantastic hair to have a well-groomed appearance, he and Jaxin use exclusively natural shampoo,

which they make at home. Two years ago, Benny Harlem was entered into the Guinness Book of Records for the world’s tallest natural hairstyle, which at that time reached a height of 52 centimeters.


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