This Dad creates a button box for his active kid. How it works is amazing!

If parents can identify their children’s interests at a young age, they may foster those interests so that the children can pursue them as a profession when they grow up. Something similar occurred recently. A concerned father attempted to introduce his baby to electronics and programming at a young age…

The toddler, like any other one-year-old, was fascinated with pressing buttons. This prompted his inventive father to create a busy board for their youngster. A busy board is a collection of activities designed to keep a child occupied for an extended period of time. He planned to keep his youngster entertained by putting beautiful and intriguing buttons in a single box.

The parent assumed that exposing his kid to technology and programming at a young age would be beneficial. So he went online and looked for some busy board designs. Unfortunately, he didn’t like any of them. As a result, he chose to construct his own design.

He went to the local electronics shop to purchase the various components for his concept. The shop sold a wide range of buttons, switches, antique analog components, and lights. He grabbed whatever piqued his curiosity.

The toddler’s father drilled a variety of holes in a wooden box to accommodate the switches and lights. After cutting the holes, he immediately painted the box white and started connecting all of the electrical components.


After creating, the father showed his small son the busy board. He knew precisely what he was going to do with the box the instant he saw it. First, he pressed several buttons, some of which generated different noises and others of which caused little lights light up.

The busy board was made up of many parts. It included an on/off switch on the side as well as a mode choose button. The box had an electromechanical counter, a size-way dial, and toggle switches that illuminated numerous lights and produced thrilling noises. A voltmeter and a large button were also included. The voltmeter worked and showed how much battery was left. There were numerous additional switches that kept his youngster entertained.

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