Mourning Daughter Receives Heartwarming Sign Father Reunited With Wife In Heaven

“I’ve never been a fan of cemeteries, and not for the obvious reason that nearly no one is. While I enjoy the eulogies and anecdotes that are often given, particularly if there is a burial ceremony, I often feel distant. The reason for this is most likely because I know (or believe) it is not where my loved one is. Their body is present. But their essence, who they were and are, their soul…all of this is missing.

My loved ones’ and your loved ones’ spirits are immortal and do not die. Souls leave behind bodies that have served as loyal homes and continue to reside in another realm that is both all around us and not detectable by our five senses… generally. I say ‘usually’ because I’ve seen and heard of loved ones who have died. This is an uncommon event for me, and I usually detect them via feelings,’signs’ they direct me to, or in my dreams.

We conducted a graveside service for my father today. He was buried close to my mother, overlooking a lovely pond surrounded by trees. My daughter asked me right after the funeral whether I’d seen the red cardinal fly by all of us, and although I had missed it since I was engrossed in my thoughts, I quickly recalled that the red cardinal is a message that our loved ones in spirit continue on forever.

As we drove home from the ceremony, I reflected on how my mother had been reunited with my father and was perhaps assisting him through this early stage of his spiritual journey. Soon after, I saw three license plates with the numbers 29 (my mother’s birthday), 39 (my mother’s birth year), and 59. (the year my parents were married). Coincidence? Maybe, but I don’t believe in coincidences… I believe in coincidences and signals. And I have no question in my mind or heart that this was my mother’s way of informing me she is back with my father.”

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