This woman kicked Her Pregnant Teen Daughter Out Of The House and…

Most grandparents are overjoyed to see their grandchildren, and the news of a new family member brings them to tears. One woman, however, had a different reaction to learning that her 17-year-old daughter was pregnant. The woman explained on Reddit that she had recently retired and didn’t want to spend her retirement years doing the same thing she had done while raising her own children.

Because she did not want to be a babysitter, the grandmother told her daughter that she needed to find another place to live. “My 17-year-old daughter (our youngest, who was born late) is 7 weeks pregnant” (she will be 18 by the time she gives birth). She has no romantic relationship with her father. He genuinely, and I cannot emphasize this enough, does not want a child,” she wrote.

Her daughter decided to continue the pregnancy, so she asked the adolescent how she planned to handle it. “Her: I’ll find work.” Me: who will look after the baby while you are at work? Her: I thought you and your father could. “Me: no way, I’m not having another baby,” the mother wrote. “There was a bit of back and forth that led me to believe that if she has this baby in this house, I’m going to be its mother.”

“I just retired, and my husband will retire in exactly 11 months, and this is not how I want to spend my retirement years,” she continued. The woman stated unequivocally that she did not want to raise another child and informed her daughter that she would have to relocate. People on Reddit reacted quickly to the family’s predicament, with one user writing, “I have seen my friend go down this road and she is practically raising her grandson and supporting the parents.”

It drains her, both emotionally and financially.” “What she’s asking for is impossible,” wrote another. She’s going to work while pregnant. Okay, how much time will she have off for the birth? Who will look after the baby while she is at work (the answer in her head is you)? How long will she keep that job if she can’t find a babysitter? She doesn’t ‘want’ to be a stay-at-home mom, she doesn’t ‘want’ to go to college, and she ‘wants’ to keep the baby and be a single mom.

“You have earned the right to enjoy your home and retirement,” a third said. It’s unfair of your daughter to expect you to take over all of the parenting responsibilities for her. I believe you have given her enough time to make arrangements; it’s tough love, but sometimes it’s necessary.” What are your thoughts on the matter? Tell us in the comments, and SHARE this story with your friends and family!

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