What Happened With this Family is ‘Heartbroken’ …

A family of six was devastated after “losing everything” in a house fire caused by solar panels. Stacey Doocey, 32, of Manchester, UK, spent over a decade renovating her Cheetham Hill home with her children and later with her partner, Jayce Hogan, 26 and his son. Just weeks before Christmas, after the family had finally transformed the house into a dream home, the house burned to the ground, leaving the family with nothing.

“Everything has been lost. “We literally just left the house with the clothes on our backs,” Stacey explained. “Everything has been completely destroyed.” We’re starting from the ground up; we only have one buggy from the house. “You never think it will happen to you,” she added. It saddens me because we cannot replace everything we have lost all at once, especially for the children.”

Christmas will be difficult because we have spent every penny we have on our house, replacing the interior and any essential appliances that have been lost. We’ll be spending Christmas in a hotel this year, but I’ll miss our old beautiful house, which was always brimming with decorations we’d collected.” After years of saving and hard work, they will have to “start from scratch,” as the heartbroken mother explained.

She also expressed sadness over the loss of “everything, including sentimental items” and gifts purchased for their children just days before the fire. “To be honest, I’m scared of moving into our own home again in case this happens again,” Stacey says. While the official cause of the fire is unknown, fire officials believe that faulty solar panels may be to blame for the devastation.

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