The girl sent a selfie to her friends, and they noticed something that made the photo viral

Olivia Nunn, a British model, rose to fame on the Internet thanks to a simple selfie. After the party, the girl decided to use a group chat to notify her friends that she had arrived home safely, attaching a photo taken immediately to the message.

This information quickly spread on Twitter. The girlfriend discovered that she was not the only person in the photo. Grace Graham was the first person to notice the massive spider hidden in Olivia’s hat.

This was revealed by the girl in a tweet. “It’s been 24 hours and I’m still reeling from what I saw. The spider sat quietly and peacefully on Olivia’s hat, just a few millimeters away from her face. Perhaps this is almost normal for someone because spiders frequently climb into our homes and hide in corners and other secluded areas. However, some arachnophobes were shocked and horrified by Olivia’s photo.

Olivia was taken aback because she had not noticed the spider all day and only began to scream and remove her outer clothes after receiving messages from her friends. Grace’s tweet received over 50,000 likes and nearly 5,000 comments from caring people, and her photo quickly went viral.

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