Single Man Adopts Sick Baby. Who Becomes he Later will just amaze you!

The term “family” has a broad range of meanings. It doesn’t always have to be a couple of parents and a slew of children. Sometimes all it takes is a genuine person with a lot of love to give and who is looking for someone to call family. Lieutenant Jerry Windle had recently retired from the Navy and was preparing to enter the healthcare field when he had an epiphany.

As a single gay man in the 1990s, he read a magazine story about a man who adopted a child from Cambodia and felt hope as he read the story between the father and his son. Jerry dialed the number for an adoption service. He inquired whether a single pers.

The baby had intestinal parasites, was malnourished, and was infected severely. Jerry lavished the little boy with affection and nursed him back to health. He even encouraged him as he developed an interest and passion for diving. Jordan was 7 years old when he impressed a man named Tim O’Brien at a summer camp, who told Jerry that Jordan reminded him of the legendary diver Greg Louganis.

Jordan won his first junior national championship at the age of nine and went on to represent the United States on the Olympic Diving Team after finishing second in the Olympic trials. Jerry only had a watch party at home with family and friends to support his son when he went on to represent the country in the Tokyo Olympics because he couldn’t fly with him due to the pandemic.

ordan expressed his gratitude to Jerry. “I tell everyone who asks why I dive that I dive purely for my dad and how much he enjoys watching me,” he said. I wouldn’t be where I am today if he hadn’t made all of the sacrifices he has, as well as his love and support throughout our relationship.”

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