When men hear these phrases from the woman they love, their hearts melt.

Guys, like us, have words they want to hear but don’t always get. A woman can say some compliments, comments, strings of conversations, and even verbalized observations to her man in this context. Here are a few options for what a woman can say to her man on a date or in a serious relationship. In fact, you can remind your beau of these every day to make him feel loved and special.

1. “I’m So Glad I Found You Allowing your man to know that you consider yourself fortunate to have him makes him feel noticed and appreciated. You’re not just glad he’s around and always lets you have the last slice of pizza – you genuinely feel fortunate that you two met out of all the people in the world. It’ll quickly give him the warm and fuzzies!

2. “You are very attractive.” You will make your man feel good by saying that he is attractive. Nothing makes it more meaningful than hearing it from the woman he adores. The appreciation and respect should be palpable. The sparks must remain active even after the “get to know” stage.

Physical attraction exists between a man and a woman who have been dating or in a relationship for some time. Even if it has been a long time, it is common for women to want to hear that they are attractive. Your man, believe me, wants to hear that as well. Tell him that you still feel the same way about him that you did the first time you saw him.

When he tells you that his heart still beats faster when he sees you in your tight little black dress, he is expressing the same emotion that you are experiencing when he tells you that he feels the same way you did the first time!

3. “I’m Extremely Proud Of You” Perhaps he’s been stressed out by work, school, or other responsibilities and is doing his best but feels like he’s barely getting by. Giving him the reassurance he requires that he is not only doing well, but also making you proud will have him smiling from ear to ear.

We all get to a point where we just want to give up if something is bothering us, so letting your man know that you’re proud of his efforts and believe he’s already achieved some success simply by trying may be the extra push he needs to finish things. Making him feel validated in his endeavors and expressing your pride is like a shot of pure positivity.

“You make me happy,” says four. When you tell your man that he is the one who makes you happy, he will feel wanted, respected, and loved. Make sure he understands that everything he does for you is to make you happy.

5. “You Are A Wonderful Man/Husband/Boyfriend/Father” Whatever your current situation with your current man is, every man enjoys hearing that he is a great man (or father/husband/boyfriend/fiancé). In many cases, these distinctions may necessitate some sacrifice. Whether it’s time, money, effort, or whatever, being in a partnership necessitates effort.

Allowing your man to know that he is not only a great person but also a great man, or that he is a great father or husband, reinforces the idea that whatever sacrifices he has made in the past were all worth it, because what you have – as a couple or as a family – makes it so. Reinforcing this idea will rekindle his desire to push through the difficult parts that come with being married or raising a family together, and it will definitely make him smile to know that you notice, appreciate, and love him for it all.

“I’m on your team. When things get tough, we want to know that someone is rooting for us, encouraging us, and standing by us. It’s a good feeling that should be shared, so telling your man that you’re on his side is essential if you want to make him happy.

Telling him that you’re on his side in a stressful situation and that you have his back goes a long way toward increasing the amount of security and overall intimacy the two of you feel with one another. It relieves some of his stress to know that he has your support, even when it appears that the rest of the world is against him.

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