The Most Repulsive Things in Your Hotel Room, According to the Housekeeper

I, like many others, enjoy going on vacation. Nothing beats spending some time in a hotel and letting someone else do the dirty work for you. To be sure, I am aware that things aren’t always as they should be in a hotel, and I always proceed with caution. The rose-colored glasses have come off now that a former housekeeper has exposed the disgusting cleaning process. @ sourqueen, a TikTok fan, wanted to share something with the world…

She had a few stories to tell because she used to work as a housekeeper at a four-star hotel. She talked about how your hotel room may appear clean, but there are certain things she would never touch or use while staying at a hotel. “Seriously, I’ve seen some things,” she said. First and foremost, she would never touch the glassware or the coffee pot. She stated that they are frequently simply rinsed out and dried with the towel used to clean the rest of the room.

She then went on to talk about how the ice bucket should never, ever be used. Visitors to pet-friendly hotels may use them as a water dish in some cases. In some cases, the unthinkable occurs. The bedspread is yet another item, possibly the most shocking of all. She stated that she would “never, ever, ever” touch the bedspread because they aren’t always washed between guests. In fact, she recommends taking it off the bed as soon as you enter the room and never putting it back on again.

“They only get washed once a year, if that, unless there is a visible stain on them,” she says. So they don’t get washed for a year unless someone has bled, puked, pissed, or s- -t on them.” She followed up with a video in which she explained that heavy linens, such as comforters and blankets, are only washed once a year. It only happens during the off-season, and even then, if they aren’t soiled, they may not be removed.

Finally, she gives some of her former colleagues the thumbs up, claiming that they are simply doing their jobs. Indeed, she reveals that many of the maids do this as a result of their training, and if they take too long to complete a room, they will be reprimanded. She also stated that she is cautious when checking into hotel rooms, which has caused her some issues. This includes the fact that she is currently preparing for her honeymoon, and her fiancé is sick of hearing about what happens in a hotel room.

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