This house is only 160 square feet, but once inside, you’ll be amazed.

There are small houses all over the world that amaze the skills of some architects. I mean, I’ve heard of small, one-bedroom houses, but a functional 160-square-foot house with a kitchen, a toilet, and a king-size bed? It has to be seen to be believed.

When you look at this house from the outside, you can’t help but wonder, “How can someone live in such a small space?” “Where do they look for… number two?” When you look inside, however, all of your questions are answered, and kudos to the architect of this tiny piece of heaven.

From the outside, it appears small and cute, doesn’t it? The total interior space is only 160 square feet (15 square meters). But once you open the door and look inside… wow!
When you step inside from the front porch, it looks so cozy and airy because it is made of wood.

It even has a romantic table for two. Everything you need to make the best carbonara sauce with your loved one is in the kitchen. Because space is obviously limited, the kitchen is located directly next to a modern bathroom and toilet. Would you want to live here, or do you know anyone who would?

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