Father and son are holding his family’s “miracle baby” with tears in their eyes.

A father and his son began crying as they held their newborn for the first time since her birth. The touching moment and their wonderful expressions were captured in an Instagram video that quickly went viral. Joo Prudencio Neto and his wife prayed fervently for another child to appease their son David, who had long desired a sibling. They soon witnessed their miracle when they gave birth to a baby girl named Giovanna naturally…

The family received the infant in March, which made everyone happy and grateful. No one seemed to be moved more by this miracle than Neto and his son, who were speechless when they first saw the tiny beauty. All they could do at the time was cry grateful tears as memories of years of anguish, sleepless nights spent crying, and persistent prayers surfaced.

Neto posted a video of this touching and lovely occasion to Instagram, in addition to reminiscing about their years of hardship. The video shows the new father sitting on the couch with his child on his lap. The little boy, who was tenderly cradling the infant, appeared frazzled at first. However, as soon as he saw his little sister’s serene face, he burst into tears, and his father soon followed suit.

The boy’s father spoke a few words of consolation into his ear, but this did nothing but aggravate their already heightened emotions. By whispering sweet nothings to the little girl, the couple expressed their love for her and formally welcomed her into their family. Neto became sterile after giving birth to David, but he continued to believe in God for a miracle, as stated in the caption. Carolina Prudencio, his wife, conceived naturally after nearly ten years of waiting.

Neto is eternally grateful to Jesus Christ for the gift of health and the miracle of birth. The man, who is now a happy father of two, believes that sharing his experience will encourage others who are still hoping for a miracle. He stated, ” Giovanna’s birth is a gift for everyone who hopes to witness the miracle that only Jesus can perform, not just our family. Such inspiring stories undoubtedly help people overcome adversity and inspire hope for a miracle that will change their lives.

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