Watch this Funniest video ever!! Cute Twins Have Fun With Their Pacifiers

Babies are sent here to make people happy. Twins bring twice the delight, laughter, and smiles. Twins can be difficult to care for, and anyone willing to assist is gratefully accepted!!!!

There is a lot of dirty clothes, nappies, bibs, and bottles to wash. It’s heartwarming to see these infants develop, and if you get a chance to watch them play, you’ll be amazed.

Twins are bathing together in the video below, supported by a basket. It’s adorable to see the two engaged in an intense game. The twins attempt to take each other’s pacifiers from their mouths.

The baby on the right goes first, but it isn’t long before the baby on the left snatches the baby on the right’s pacifier. The pacifier is then placed in his mouth.

His mother responds, “Good work, Simon,” laughs, and then gasps, “Oh O,” when his brother reclaims it. Their game is called “Binkie Wars” by the mother. This viral video has received over 66 million views!

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