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Flavio Dantas, a native of Rio de Janeiro, was overjoyed to become a father. Even before she was born, they had daily conversations. All of this was new to the young father. Flavio and Tarsila Rosa Cordeiro Batista of Brazil welcomed a daughter on August 11, 2019. Antonella was the name of the girl. After Antonella was delivered, hospital personnel placed her on her mother’s breast while she slept. As her father began talking to her, the baby girl’s eyes opened and she smiled.

It would be impossible for me to express the emotions I felt at the time. I had daily conversations with my daughter while she was still in my womb. I reassured her that her father was present and that I would be the best father in the world by constantly telling her how much I loved her. What did she do to express her gratitude to me when she was born? “With an endearing grin,” Flavio said.

My husband has always exclaimed how much he adores her. He made a point of greeting the newborn before leaving for work and again upon his return. He’d rub my stomach and reassure her that he’d always be there for her. “It’s amazing,” the girl’s mother said, “but every day she’d start moving at the same time.” Antonella had plenty of time before she was born to become acquainted with her father’s voice.

Babies, in fact, can recognize and react to familiar noises, including their parents’ voices, by the age of 26 weeks. On Father’s Day, the daughter was born in Brazil, and she has already given her father the gift of a beautiful grin.

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