‘We Hate Our Neighbor’s Pink Door With ‘Over The Top’ Christmas Decorations – It Makes Our Street a Joke.’But one day…

On Christmas Eve, one of the brightest things to see is Christmas decorations. While there are certainly some stores that make a killing on expensive and beautiful decorations, there are also certain families who appear to have a common Christmas tradition—using the same decoration every year. When Hannah Cox, 30, unveiled her bright pink Nutcracker creation at her home in Somerset, England, her neighbors were quick to express their displeasure.

While her festive spirit is admirable, her neighbors find it repugnant and believe it lowers the overall tone of the estate. Some of her neighbors were so irritated by her behavior that they didn’t mince words when speaking to The Sun. “I understand that people want to celebrate Christmas, but this is totally over the top,” one extremely irritated neighbor said of the Christmas decorations. Another neighbor added, “This latest creation is just making the neighborhood a laughing stock.”

As it turns out, the gaudy celebrations do cost a pretty penny. Hannah’s door decorations change with the seasons, and she recently spent around 685 pounds on the decorations. The Nutcracker set you back 250 pounds, while the festive arch set you back 435 pounds and took five hours to complete. Hannah Cox isn’t bothered by it. She claims that her Christmas decorations are simply a way for her to promote her artificial flower business.

“All I’m doing is trying to brighten up the estate while also advertising my business,” she explained. It’s no different than a painter and decorator having a sign outside his home—though I believe this is a little more tasteful.” Hannas has had a Queen of Hearts theme for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, giant pumpkins for Halloween, and the Nutcracker this Christmas over the last year. “My door took all day,” she continued.

I’ve been working on it since February. I started it in the morning and finished it just before it got dark. It’s so difficult to find all the bits I want for it that it’s taken me a year to find what I’m looking for. Hannah also stated that her partner, Ryan Cape, had accepted the Christmas decorations as a part of his life now. “When I first did it, he was a little surprised, but now he knows I have to beat it and be better every year,” she explained.

When the resident of the house to which we are connected came out to inspect it, he was speechless. We don’t think he likes it. The other side of the house enjoys it because they are anticipating what will happen next. People should just relax and enjoy themselves, in my opinion. It’s not like it’ll affect the value of their home.”

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