Adorable Video how this Baby Penguin Tries To Make His First Friends

Emperor penguins develop in the Antarctic during the winter. Even though the conditions are harsh, each chick must learn how to make friends if they are to survive. A young penguin is nudged by his mother to leave his puch and venture out on his own in this clip from the BBC’s Snow Chick: A Penguin’s Tale.

This little guy was the last to hatch and is lagging behind his peers in development. But, as the narrator puts it, “it’s difficult to join the gang when you’re the smallest.” In another episode of the show, the same baby penguin must find his mother before freezing to death in a terrifying blizzard.

One thing that stands out is how epic the penguins’ fight for survival is, and how much they rely on one another to do so. Snow Chick: A Penguin’s Tale follows the journey of one emperor penguin from the moment he hatches to the moment he sets sail for the sea.

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