On their 57th wedding anniversary, an American soldier from WWII surprises his hospitalized wife.

Jim and Elinor Russell have a wonderful marriage and always remember to celebrate their anniversary. Jim had intended to spend his anniversary with his wife, but she became ill and ended up in the hospital. As a result, he decided to pay her a surprise visit at the hospital while she was recovering, and he did so in a tuxedo and bringing presents. The couple met as children and reconnected after Jim returned from WWII.

Their romance continued for decades, and they were still very much in love with one another. In honor of their wedding anniversary, the happy couple took trips to both Hawaii and Rome. In contrast, they celebrated their 57th anniversary in a medical facility. Elinor’s health was failing, so she was hospitalized for a month. Despite her best efforts, her husband had other plans for their wedding anniversary.

Jim surprised his girlfriend by showing up at the hospital in a sharp black and white tuxedo. After he and his wife started going to a dance club, he started wearing the suit more often. Jim also presented Elinor with a floral arrangement and a chocolate gift box. He wanted his 57-year-old wife to know she was still the queen of his heart. Reid Russell, the couple’s grandchild, photographed the touching event and shared it on the internet.

She used the following caption: My grandpa surprised my grandmother with flowers on their 57th wedding anniversary when she was in the hospital. Although this was not a trip to Hawaii or Rome, it did include some of the couple’s favorite activities. After a delicious meal, everyone settled in front of the TV to play “Jeopardy!” and “Wheel of Fortune.” Jim explained that his children had persuaded him to do something special for his wife and him on their anniversary.

Elinor’s adoring grandchildren assisted her in getting ready for her special date by applying cosmetics. Elinor prioritized family time with her husband and children above all else. They could easily spend hours sitting and chatting together. Grandma went on. When he came in, he made me happy, just like when we were younger, and we would dance together, which was especially welcome because “being in a hospital bed gets boring.”

Bo, the couple’s only child, recalled that his parents never missed an anniversary celebration. Friends, relatives, and even complete strangers were moved by the couple’s unwavering love and loyalty. Many people admired their dedication and wished they had someone like them.

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