This Man buys apartment on cruise ship because it’s cheaper than home and he can travel the world. take a look inside!

Let’s face it: apartments are expensive, and we pay through the nose for small spaces with no views. California is well-known for its more expensive way of life. It only takes a few rental ads to realize that the average wage earner cannot afford the cost of housing. However, there are other options… Have you ever considered living on a cruise ship? Austin Wells, a San Diegan, bravely bought an apartment on a cruise ship.

He insists that it is less expensive than his previous apartment in his hometown of California. What’s the best part? He gets to travel every day without having to lift a finger! Imagine looking out your bedroom window and seeing the entire world. Wells revealed to CNBC that he had spent $300,000 on a 12-year lease on a studio apartment on the MV Narrative. A massive cruise ship with some impressive features.

There are 500 private rooms and apartments on board, with Well’s room measuring 237 square feet. It also has a desk, a shower room, a pantry, and a foldaway bed. People who live onboard 24 hours a day, seven days a week, like Wells, have access to a private gym, a farmer’s market, 24-hour room service, and private kitchens. In addition, they have access to medical services. In addition, the ship has 20 restaurants and bars, a school, a library, a bank, a cinema, and a swimming pool!

Talk about sounding sophisticated. “The thing that most excites me is that I don’t have to disrupt my daily routine in order to go see the world,” Wells, 28, said. My working hours will change to include evenings, nights, and very early mornings. But it does allow me to see the city from midday to afternoon.” “This is probably the first time in history that there is even the possibility of having a standard job and even considering working and living from a floating apartment complex,” he added.

He also hopes to meet a lot of new and interesting people on the cruise ship. Perhaps even make some new friends. He has friends with whom he can literally travel the world. “A flat in San Diego costs around $2,500 per month, while Wells’ room on the MV Narrative costs around $2,000 per month, amounting to a $500 savings on rent alone.” According to The Sun. Alister Punton and Shannon Lee, the owners of luxury residential ship brand Storyline, came up with the brilliant idea of offering more affordable apartments at sea.

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