A pregnant homeless woman requests that a California cop adopt her baby girl.

Many police officers go above and beyond the call of duty to help others in the community. However, one police officer, Jesse Whitten of Santa Rosa, California, did something beautiful that elevated the entire situation. Jesse had been a police officer for about ten years and had a lot of experience. During this time, he befriended a pregnant, homeless woman who was addicted to drugs. The officer would frequently find her shelter. One day, while driving with his wife Ashley, the couple ran into the homeless pregnant woman again.

When Ashley approached her, the woman placed her hand on Ashley’s stomach. The officer’s wife had no idea she’d be the mother of the child a year later. Jesse and Ashley had three daughters, all of whom were under the age of eight. The couple soon received a surprise request from the homeless woman. She had requested that they adopt her baby girl. Despite their concerns about the baby’s health, the couple agreed to the request right away. The new parents were overjoyed to bring the baby home and were extremely proud of her.

The baby was said to have the sweetest disposition and to be very observant. Ashley was kept busy with activities, which made everyone happy. All three of her sisters, Reese-7, Kendall-5, and Stella-3, unanimously agreed to adopt their new sister on the day of the adoption. They did so in the presence of a judge. Whitten was the new name for Baby Harlow Maisey. Harlow was given that name by her biological mother, so the new parents kept it to honor their child’s biological mother.

The family maintained contact with the real mother and even sent her pictures of the baby. Furthermore, the family was always an advocate for foster children.

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