What the five Odessa quintuplets and their elder sister look like now after 6 years?

The babies were born at the Odessa maternity hospital four years ago, in 2014. Today, we’ll share some heartwarming images of this lovely family with you. Millions of women look up to Oksana Kobeletskaya as an example. She didn’t miss her husband when he left.

She managed to raise her six kids on her alone. Remember that the children still have an older sibling who has grown into a successful adult lady. Because she had so many children, she had to learn new skills, such as driving a minibus. She may take her children on business trips around the world.

She did an excellent job renovating the house. Most significantly, she developed a blog where she could tell women about her journey. The children have grown up. The children were now displaying their own personalities.

They are currently in kindergarten, where they are beginning their academic careers. You can follow Oksana and her family as they grow and develop on her account. Recently, she staged a creative picture session for her offspring. Oksana’s photos were instantly visible on her page after she uploaded them. Take a look at this successful and content mother of six. Each member of this wonderful family has our warmest wishes.

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