The remarkable girl got her first job at the age of two, defying all expectations…

In 2015, a young girl with Down syndrome signs with two modeling agencies. It’s all because of the infant’s cheeky grin, according to their staff. Connie Rose Seaborn is the name of this young lady. She was the first child under the age of two to receive two contracts. Sonnie Rose’s friends and neighbors began telling her mother that she should become a model because of her unique features.

Julie sent photographs to three different agencies. Soon after, one of their representatives approached her and proposed a trial photo shoot to assess the girl’s behavior in front of the cameras. In an interview, Julie stated that she informed agents about Connie Rose’s Down syndrome, but none were interested. Furthermore, she stated that she was more concerned about this illness than others.

This was determined by doctors when the baby girl was only two weeks old. Julie says it didn’t surprise her because the doctors had warned her about the risk throughout her pregnancy. “We weren’t worried,” Julie adds. “I have acquaintances and friends who have children with special needs.” These children, like all others, require only love and care.
Everyone is probably curious about the girl’s behavior during the test shots.

“She fell in love at first sight,” Julie said. At a certain point, the girl knows where to go. Connie Rose liked posing for pictures. As a result, we were probably given two contracts at the same time. Mom adds that if her daughter suddenly decides she does not want to be a model, she will support her decision. “As soon as this job becomes too stressful or she no longer enjoys it, we will cease working with agencies,” Julie stated.

Concerning the girl’s illness, her mother claims that she received so much help from family and friends shortly after the girl’s birth that she was completely unaware of how she handled the child’s most difficult period. The daughter’s fate, according to the mother, is not determined by her illness. She will discover her true identity. Julie claims that she has no trouble parenting her daughter, but that educational institutions present difficulties. Currently, the young model’s mother is involved in charitable activities. She goes to hospitals and homes with Down syndrome children to talk about how to deal with this issue.

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