When a young child hears his favorite gospel song, he bursts into a soulful rendition far beyond his years.

One adorable baby is letting the world know how lucky he is. The toddler was captured on camera singing his heart out to a gospel song with his grandmother while strapped in a car seat in the back of a car. A child’s mind can easily learn songs, but this kid sings with such passion that it appears that he understands every word of the song. Despite his struggles to remember some of the words, his performance is hilarious.

When he stumbles over a few words, his grandmother steps in to carry the song and encourage him to continue singing. Demetrius, a young boy, may have a promising future in gospel music. Lydia Majette, his proud grandmother and duet partner, is to thank for all of this. She has three other grandchildren who enjoy singing, but she happened to record this precious one. They sing a song called “I’m Blessed” in the video.

According to the inspirational song, “I’m better than blessed” because of all that the Lord has done in their lives. Through song, the two convey a strong message of contentment and gratitude for what they have. Lydia appears to give careful consideration to what she allows her grandchildren to listen to in the car, as young Demetrius knows the song by heart. What a wonderful reminder to be mindful of what we listen to in the car because it affects everyone else who is listening.

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