“He’s My Guy.” Wedding Photo Sparks The Sweetest Moment For Mom With Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s and dementia can never take away a lifetime of love and companionship, no matter how much they rob people. Joshua Pettit has been documenting his life with his mother, Betty, who has end-stage Alzheimer’s disease, on TikTok.

His account currently has over 265,000 followers, and his videos of caring for Betty as her memory loss worsens are both touching and enlightening. Betty has just finished breakfast with her longtime husband, Bob, in the video below, when Josh points to his father’s apron.

It features a beautiful photograph from their wedding day many decades ago. Betty recognizes her husband but has no idea the bride is herself as they quiz her on who is who. When asked why she remembers him rather than herself, she leans into her husband and says sweetly, “He’s my guy. It’s simply too delicious for this world, people.

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