On the wedding day, the rich groom mocks the poor mother-in-law until she takes the mic and gives a toast.

A groom made fun of his bride’s poor mother for showing up without an invitation. But it was when she stunned everyone by taking the mic and giving a wonderful toast that he learned a lesson he never expected. “I can’t believe she showed up,” Ethan muttered under his breath as he clutched his bride’s hands. They were at the altar, and he had just noticed his mother-in-law, Ada, walk in and take a seat in the last row. He mistook his future wife, Dalia, for not inviting her mother.

“Ethan, please. Allow it to go, “Dalia spoke softly. She bit her lower lip, expecting her groom to make a scene, but he sighed and tried to remain calm. Ethan didn’t want Dalia’s mother there for several reasons, and he had no idea why she had appeared. He didn’t dislike her, but she shouldn’t be there. She didn’t fit in. She frightened him. Ethan came from old Connecticut money.

The kind of money that lasts for generations. Unlike the rest of his family, Ethan had fallen in love with Dalia without regard for the future or the amount of money she possessed. Normally, his family arranged marriages with other wealthy families or with suitable individuals. The couple approached her, and despite his sweating, Ethan took the envelope in his hands. His jaw dropped as he flipped through the papers inside.

However, Ethan fell in love with the hardworking Yale law student during their first Torts class. She was feisty and didn’t mind speaking her mind, and he was immediately smitten. When they first started dating, he was convinced that Dalia had to come from a wealthy family as well. She never wore expensive clothes or anything, but she carried herself with the same dignity as the women in his family.

Some people believed that the wealthy flaunted their wealth by buying expensive clothes, cars, and other items. But, as the saying goes, “Money talks, wealth whispers,” and the women in Ethan’s family were not ostentatious or flashy with their wealth, though they did take advantage of their advantages. He was certain that Dalia had come from a wealthy family. He was completely taken aback when she revealed the truth to him.

She was a scholarship student who had worked her entire life to get to this point. Her mother was a laundress for many of the area’s wealthy families and raised her alone. He wasn’t too proud to admit that he was on the verge of breaking up with Dalia at the time. He didn’t think they’d work, and he suspected she was interested in him because everyone at school knew him and his family.

“I’m not interested in your money, Ethan. But I can’t make you come with me if you don’t want to. Go out on a date with someone from your country club or whatever “When he told Dalia about his concerns, she scoffed. “Dalia, I don’t want a country club girl. However, it is a genuine concern. Is it not for you? Do you believe you’ll fit in?” He inquired earnestly. “Please understand that I’ve spent my entire life dealing with snobbish rich people who look down on me and my mother.

This is not something I require from you. My mother even told me you weren’t the one for me, so perhaps she was correct “Dalia shrugged and grabbed her purse to leave his apartment. “What? What exactly do you mean? What mother wouldn’t want her daughter to date a wealthy man?” Ethan was perplexed by the idea that a single, poor mother could despise him. “Not my mother. She raised me to be self-sufficient. Ethan, I adore you for who you are.

We don’t have to be together if you don’t believe that “Dalia kept going until she was almost out his door when he stopped her. “Please, no. Stay. Let’s talk about it, “He pleaded, and Dalia agreed to stay. They agreed to continue dating, but the thought that Ada despised him lingered in Ethan’s mind. He began to fear the woman, unbeknownst to him. All of the women he had dated before Dalia had mothers who were overjoyed at the prospect of Ethan becoming a member of their family.

It was unavoidable. He was the ideal bachelor. He was well-known in the neighborhood. He was astute. He had a secure future ahead of him. In a nutshell, he was a mother-in-fantasy. law’.But not with Ada, whom he had refused to meet for years, making excuses whenever Dalia tried to introduce them. Dalia finally asked why he didn’t want to meet her mother after he proposed and she agreed.

“I simply don’t want to. I also don’t want her to be present at our wedding. She’ll have a bad time, and my family will make fun of her for her job and everything. Dalia, it’s all for the best.” Ethan lied to his fiancée because he didn’t know how to tell the truth. He was still perplexed by the truth. “But, Ethan, I can’t get married without my mother. She is my entire world, “Dalia was adamant.

“I’m supposed to be your world right now. So it’s either my way or we’re not getting married “Ethan said as he put his foot down. Dalia was irritated and tried to bring it up several times after that. However, he refused to budge, and she eventually stopped speaking. He assumed she wouldn’t invite Ada to the wedding. The woman, on the other hand, showed up. Ethan recognized her as she approached because he had seen her in Dalia’s photos. She was wearing what appeared to be a cheap new dress and smiling.

Ethan lowered his gaze and concentrated on the pastor’s words. After the ceremony, they smiled and posed for photos for the family. He wanted to scream at his new wife when they went into a private room. “Please do not. I never agreed to exclude my mother. My mother is her name. You have the right to bring your entire family, and I have the same right. So accept it. You are not required to be friendly with her.

But you’ll meet with her and behave properly, or I’ll file for annulment right away!” Dalia sternly warned, her hands on her waist. “Fine,” Ethan muttered glumly. They left the private room and proceeded to the reception, where they were greeted by family, friends, and a large crowd of people who had come to congratulate them. Dalia finally brought her mother to Ethan and introduced them for the first time an hour later.

“This is Ethan, Mom. I’m sorry we didn’t get to meet sooner “She spoke in a slightly embarrassed tone. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, dear. I wish you had visited my home at some point. I really wanted to cook for you and meet you in person “Ada said, brightly smiling. Ethan took a deep breath and shook the older woman’s hand. “I apologize for that. Perhaps after the honeymoon “He replied, knowing that he would do anything to keep that promise. “Excellent,” Ada said, and Dalia agreed.

The entire situation should have been completely predictable, but it wasn’t. No way, Ethan. He felt tightness in his chest. He was terrified. Dalia’s mother made him feel threatened. But why is this so? She was a laundry worker who was skinny, poor, and frail. He had dealt with ruthless business people who had done business with his father, and he had already faced nerve-racking situations as a lawyer. So why was he afraid of this elderly lady?

He had nothing to worry about because she was just his mother-in-law. Nothing. Literally. He tried to relax, but the feeling persisted. Dalia and her bridesmaids went dancing, and the groomsmen joined Ethan. When the boys started talking about his new mother-in-law, he had no idea Ada was nearby. “Yeah, Dalia comes from nothing, but she now has me. She is capable of forgetting her previous existence. I didn’t want to invite that poor old lady, but what else could I do?” Ethan smirked, and his friends laughed.

They were all wealthy as well. “Yeah, well, Dalia never has to worry about money again with you, dude,” his friend Austin laughed, and the pressure in Ethan’s chest eased with the banter. They kept mocking the poor old lady, despite the fact that she had been nothing but pleasant to Ethan during their brief encounter. He had no idea what she was going to do next. It was finally time for the speeches a few hours into the party. Ethan’s best man and Dalia’s maid of honor were the first to speak.

They had known each other since their days at Yale. Ethan’s chest tightened again when he saw Ada walk up to the stage and take the microphone. “Everyone, good evening. I’m Ada, Dalia’s mother, and I’d like to make a toast as well. Is it possible that I only met the groom today? Apparently, he didn’t want to meet me. He was making fun of me with his friends earlier this evening “Dalia gave Ethan a sharp look as the older woman began to speak. “I’m sure you’re all aware that I don’t come from this incredible wealth.

I don’t have much money, but I did my best for Dalia. She is my pride and joy; she adores Ethan above all else, and I know she is unconcerned about money. That’s how I brought her up “Ada went on. “And I’m relieved to know that, despite her background, everyone here accepted her. Thank you very much… I now have a present for the newlyweds. Could you please come here, darlings?”

Ada motioned for Ethan and Dalia to come up to the stage, and the older lady produced an envelope. The couple approached her, and despite his sweating, Ethan took the envelope in his hands. His jaw dropped as he flipped through the papers inside. When Dalia inquired about it, he could only whisper, “She bought us a house.” “I was able to buy my daughter a house thanks to my hard work and years of saving. Actually, it’s close by, and I hope you can start a family there. Dalia, I adore you.

And I hope that one day, Ethan, you will be able to love me as well “Ada finished, and the entire room erupted in applause, standing in support of the woman. Dalia hugged her mother and sobbed uncontrollably, oblivious to the fact that her makeup was running. When they parted ways, the poor older woman gave her new son-in-law a tentative smile. Ethan was perspiring and his eyes were watering. “I’m sorry,” he sobbed. “I appreciate it.”

Ada only smiled wider and hugged him tighter to her chest. She had quickly forgiven him. She harbored no ill will toward Ethan. Her daughter adored him, which she assumed was because he was a good man. Ethan realized something as Ada held him in her arms. He was terrified and intimidated by this older woman because… she did everything herself. His family had been wealthy for generations. He didn’t know a single self-made businessman, friend, or colleague. His friends were well-to-do.

His coworkers as well. Dalia was self-made, but she always appeared to be old money. Ada, on the other hand, was a completely ordinary – almost poor – person, and she was present. She had successfully raised a thriving daughter and had spent all of her hard-earned money on a house, despite the fact that he knew she didn’t own one. Ethan couldn’t understand how someone could survive in this world without all of his advantages, so he avoided being near her.

He couldn’t stand up to her. In her situation, he would crumble. He was doomed. He was… nothing… without his money, and the realization hit him hard. “Don’t even think about it, son. You’ve been absolved. We’ve become family. Just… make my daughter as happy as you possibly can “Ada said it in his ear so no one else could hear it, and he promised himself he would. The party began when they separated. Ada was thanked by Ethan’s parents for the house, and they talked all night.

Ethan apologized to Dalia for making fun of her mother; his bride was as forgiving as his new mother-in-law. “I will never do that again, and your mom will always be invited to our house and all our events,” he promised as they danced the night away. Dalia gave a nod. “I’m sure she will.” They went on their honeymoon and then moved into the house Ada had purchased for them. It was enormous for newlyweds, and Dalia couldn’t believe her mother could afford such a lavish place.

As they were putting the house together, Ethan realized he didn’t want to live in his father’s shadow or his family’s vast wealth for the rest of his life. He decided to leave his job and open his own practice with Dalia, where they assisted low-income clients with their legal issues. His life was no longer about money, and he felt complete for the first time. Money had always driven his every move, but now he felt free of it. He had lost interest in luxuries, vacations, flashy cars, and even his wealthy friends.

Those things no longer mattered. All that mattered were Dalia, Ada, his family, and his clients’ interests. Years later, at a special anniversary dinner, Ethan’s father, Ferdinand, approached him and expressed his pride in him. “I was about to kick you out of the practice after Dalia’s mother complained about you mocking her, but then you quit, and I was taken aback. What you’re doing now is incredible.

It’s what you want to do as a young lawyer who only wants justice for the world “Ferdinand stated solemnly and heartfeltly. “I assumed I had raised a spoiled brat. However, you are my pride and joy.” Ethan smiled at the words, which were similar to what Ada had said about Dalia at their wedding, and he felt whole once more. As he observed his family enjoying the meal and each other’s company, he realized that this was more valuable than all the money in the world.

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