“Why Are Humans So Dark and Doomed?” an atheist asks God. He Was Astounded by the Responses He Received

Mellen Thomas Benedict’s near-death experience is one of the most remarkable I’ve ever encountered. Mellen Thomas died of terminal brain cancer in 1982 and lived to tell the incredible story of what he saw in the afterlife. Mellen died for at least an hour and a half in hospice care before returning to his body. He is one of the world’s most researched near-death experiences.

He has also participated in more research than most other near-death experiencers. In his book Life After Death, Mellen has been dubbed the “Encyclopedia of the Afterlife” by Depak Chopra. “Before my near-death experience, I tried all kinds of alternative healing methods,” Mellen Thomas explained. None of them helped. So I decided it was just between me and God. I had never given God much thought.

I was also not interested in spirituality. But, as my death approached, I became interested in spirituality and alternative healing. I studied different religions and philosophies. They gave hope that something was on the other side. I awoke around 4:30 a.m. and knew this was it. I thought I was going to die. I said my goodbyes to a few friends.

I woke up Anne and promised her that my dead body would be left alone for six hours because I’d read that strange thing happen when you die. I returned to sleep. The next thing I remember is being fully conscious and standing up. Nonetheless, my body was in the bed. Despite the fact that I appeared to be surrounded by darkness, I could see every room in the house, as well as the roof and even under the house.”

The most interesting thing is when he asked God “What is the best religion on the planet? Which one is correct?” He received a shocking response… In today’s video, you’ll hear the incredible story of Mellen’s encounter with death and the conversations he’s had with the light since.

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