Watch How this 5-year-old boy plays like a pro!

Makoto was filmed by his father perfectly playing the ukulele while wearing a hoodie and sitting on a rug in a simple playroom. He interpreted Jason Mraz’s well-known theme “I’m Yours” without knowing what would happen in the networks. “He and I only started playing the ukulele a year ago,” his father, 35, said in a media interview.

“We first learned by watching a TV show, then Makoto practiced on his own.” He does it with such zeal and ease that it appears he was born to play the ukulele. With 72 million views, the video became a viral sensation, but for other reasons. The video’s unique feature is Makoto, an adorable little surprise box. As soon as he begins playing, it is clear that he has a command of the instrument that many musicians would envy.

When he has to sing, however, something amazing happens. It doesn’t take long for us to realize that the child either doesn’t know the lyrics or simply doesn’t want to sing it the way Mraz wrote it. After all, it is his ukulele, his talent, and his video. Makoto has won the hearts of millions with his spontaneous lyrics that everyone loves. Almost everything he sings fits perfectly with the chords. He’s an absolute genius. Take a look at this adorable performer in action.

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