‘My mother-in-law slammed the name I chose for my baby and demanded that we change it to something she approves of.’

After slamming the name they had chosen for their baby, a woman’s mother-in-law demanded that they choose a new one. “We still haven’t decided on a first name for our child, but I made the choice (which my husband wholeheartedly supports) to give her the middle name of a deceased friend of mine whom I loved very much,” the mom-to-be wrote on Reddit.

“My dear mother-in-law came to visit us over the weekend and not only trashed our house but also paid no attention to me the entire time.” “All she does is fuss about how my husband is going to be a dad and she’s going to be a grandma,” the woman continued, ignoring the woman literally carrying her grandchild. “So far, her only interaction with me has been barking orders at me.”

During dinner, however, his mother-in-law inquired as to what he intended to name their child. “I spoke up because I’m tired of her acting as if my husband is the one carrying her grandchild. “We haven’t decided on a first name yet, but her middle name will be (the aforementioned friend’s name) in honor of one of my best friends who died a few years ago, and if you have any suggestions for her first name, we’d be more than happy to hear them,” I told her.

But her mother-in-law gave her the “dirtiest look she’s ever received in her life” before saying: “First of all why was I not informed that you had already made a choice regarding my granddaughter’s name? Did you even consult [my husband] before naming the baby that name?! I’m sure your friend was a wonderful person, but I disagree with the name.

“I’m sorry; the person may have been nice, but the name isn’t!” Rather than honoring the girl by naming my grandchild after her, why not honor her by raising the child to be a good, religious, pious lady?! “Oh, I suppose you can’t. You’re a useless junkie who is lazy and good for nothing. You’re the polar opposite of what a mother should be. I’m embarrassed you’re carrying my grandchild, slut!”

The expecting mother walked out of the room, crying, as she heard her husband kick his mother out of their home. “I’ve blocked her on everything and had my husband withdraw ourselves from Christmas dinner with his side of the family. The entire ordeal reminded me of the trauma of losing the friend I mentioned earlier. “I sincerely hope that my daughter does not inherit anything from that horrible woman,” she added. What are your thoughts on the matter?

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