How this 2-year-old daughter uses a video chat to save her mother’s life is amazing!

Jasmine Pownsberry, a 24-year-old from the United Kingdom, threw up in front of her 2-year-old daughter after experiencing a severe adverse reaction to the medication. The child was not in danger because she used a smartphone app to save her mother’s life. Esme, her 2-year-old daughter, was the only one at home when the mother passed out and hit her head on the floor.

Concerned after discovering her mother was unconscious, the young girl located her mother’s smartphone, unlocked it, and called her mother’s closest friend via FaceTime. Esme informed the lady via video link that “Mom is asleep and bumped her head.” The woman’s companion dialed 911, and the child’s mother was safely transported to the hospital. It was discovered that the 24-year-old woman had a severe allergic reaction.

The mother who has harmed claims that she had terrible migraines, an allergic reaction, and an ear infection before going into shock. “I was out for a while, then I woke up to find Esme conversing live with a buddy,” Jasmine claims. I was having difficulty moving, but she quickly recognized that I required assistance. Through the video connection, the buddy gently assured the girl that everything would be fine; all she had to do was wait for the doctors and unlock the door for them.

Esme had remembered not to open the door to strangers, but she needed convincing to make an exception at this point. The lady calmed the child and told him to follow his mother while the ambulance was on its way. Before the paramedics arrived, the youngster took care of her mother by wrapping her in a blanket. When the doctors arrived, Father Esme returned home.

Esme is “far older than her age,” according to the girl’s mother. She is very proud of her child’s intelligence. Esme has made me very proud, and I’d like to thank Jess and all of the professionals who helped me that night. “Esme frequently plays on my phone while I watch, but I had no idea she could use it independently. “She is my little heroine!” “I’m still in shock,” the delighted mother exclaims.

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